Mango Sorbet

(Recipe from the Everyday Cooking for Every Family TMX cookbook)


150g sugar (on my second go I actually reduced the sugar to 100g which didn’t affect the consistency at all. Next time I might even take it down to 80g, but I don’t generally like things too sweet anyway)

200-300g fruit in season – I used 340g of fresh mango flesh

1 egg white (optional, I stopped using this on the third go because I felt guilty about wasting the yolks! It didn’t really make a difference as far as I could see.)

2 x 350g ice cubes


  • Place sugar into TM bowl and mill for 10 seconds on speed 9.
  • Add the mango, 350g of ice and the egg white. Slowly turn the speed dial to speed 10. 
  • Add the remaining ice after 20 seconds. Blend for a further 1 minute on speed 9. 
  • Serve, bask in the glory of your guests’ amazement that you’ve casually whipped up a dessert in 3 minutes flat, and try to avoid brain freeze.
  • Tip: Use the spatula to move the ice around when the sorbet is blending. Otherwise you may end up with some chunky bits of ice.

Go nuts with your flavours depending on what’s in season.. like this strawberry and lime version!

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5 thoughts on “Mango Sorbet

  1. Elise Wilson says:

    My teenage son made this for me.
    It was so indulgent.
    The consistency was spot on and the resultant snack was very upperclass

  2. You should try –
    100 gram sugar – 1 vanilla pods seed – blend on 10 for 10 secs. 600 gram mango in cubes , frozen – blend to a even puree and transfer the puree to a bucket, and add 1 dl of egg whites and insert the butterfly and whisk for 30 secs on speed 6 and the transfer the puree back to the bowl and whisk for 30 secs on speed 5 – CREAMIER THAN CREAMY i tell you!!

  3. […] I read somewhere that lime or lemon juice enhances the flavour of the fruit so I got some limes from the market too. The recipe below makes enough sorbet for 2 big serves, but if you’re making this for more people then you’re better off with the quantity of ingredients I used in my mango sorbet. […]

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