Fruit Juices

(Guidance from the Everyday Cooking for Every Family TMX cookbook)

Okay so the instructions for juicing aren’t super clear in the recipe book, so I flew half blind here. It tells you to add in 8-10 ice cubes to your fruit but not actually what this is based on i.e. for an equivalent of 4 apples etc. Oh well, gotta give it a shot anyway! For my first juice I took the skin off and halved 3 kiwifruits, as well as coring 2 pears and cutting them into quarters (didn’t peel the skin off the pears though). I actually missed the sentence that says you can include the seeds if you want. Good job, speed reader.

I blended the fruit and about 6 cubes of ice for 30 seconds on speed 8), before adding 1/3 of a cup of water and mixing it for 1 minute on speed 8. This was just based on the carrot & orange juice recipe, but I figured since this fruit was softer, it didn’t need the full 2 minutes.

Apart from it being a bit thick (maybe half a cup of water next time), it was a pretty decent juice. Well, that and the fact that I knew it was full of goodness which could only be a positive after all the Christmas chubs I’ve gained.

The next day, I finished off the remaining two pears in the fridge along with an apple. Same amount of ice, water and blending time, but a much thicker juice.

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