Harissa from In The Mix

(Recipe taken from Dani Valent’s In The Mix cookbook)

As amazing as In The Mix is, most of the recipes are fairly involved. Not having the time to make a dish with multiple elements cooked separately on a regular basis, I decided to give parts of the different recipes a go, starting with the harissa paste from Cath Claringbold’s Chicken Tagine recipe.


2 red capsicums

25g birdseye chillies (I’d picked three from the herb garden and the husband’s fairly averse to chilli, so my quantity was more around the 10g mark)

30g cumin seeds

15g coriander seeds

2 garlic cloves (I used 3)

Salt, to taste


  • Roast the capsicums in a hot oven or over an open gas flame until the skins are black. Cover with clingwrap or place in a plastic bag and allow to cook, then peel off the skins and remove the seeds.

  • Remove and discard the seeds from half the chillies (since I was using so little anyway, I didn’t bother with this step)
  • Place the cumin and coriander seeds into the TMX bowl and roast for 3 minutes/100 degrees/speed 1. Allow to cool for a few minutes before milling the spices for 30 seconds/speed 10.
  • Add the roast capsicum flesh, chillies and garlic into the TMX bowl and blend for 30 seconds/speed 6.
  • Scrape down the sides and repeat if you like a smoother harissa. I like it chunky so I left it as is.

I’m sure it will be awesome paired with the chicken tagine and couscous, but in the meantime it was damn good slathered on a rare porterhouse!


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3 thoughts on “Harissa from In The Mix

  1. Dani Valent says:

    Howdy Choo,
    Thanks for trying this recipe. You’re doing just what I hoped people would do by mixing and matching elements from the book. The harissa is great as a marinade for lamb too, and it’s nice mixed through the lamb mince in the Spelt Pizza recipe.

    I hope you’ll try the complete tagine sometime – it’s very delicious!


  2. ChooTheFat says:

    Hi Dani,

    Thanks for leaving this note! The cookbook is fantastic, I can’t wait to continue making my way through all the recipes!


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