Pork Congee (Porridge)

(Recipe adapted from the A Taste of Asia TMX cookbook).

Westerners might be thinking WHY, WHY FOR THE LOVE OF GOD WOULD YOU PUT PORK IN YOUR OATMEAL!!! If you are, calm down. Deep breaths.

Porridge or congee is one of the definitive Asian comfort foods. You start with your base of rice and stock, and then put whatever you feel like in it – dried scallops, fish, pork, chicken, salted egg, the list goes on. And, if you’re feeling under the weather, a plain congee with some Marmite/Vegemite stirred through is awesome. Trust me.

I was stoked to find out that the Thermomix makes the best porridge! The texture was just as I liked, starchy, thick and – with the recipe I followed – super tasty. Best of all, you can leave it to cook while you go off and get other things done, rather than having to stand at the stove stirring, stirring and stirring some more. I realised after we’d walloped the porridge that I didn’t take a good enough photo of the end product, which is a shame. But I’d highly recommend giving this recipe a go so you can see (and taste) for yourself.


200g rice

1.4l water (I put approx 1200g into the TMX bowl, I was too lazy to find a measuring cup)

2 tbsp Dry Stock (you can make your own from this recipe book, but I just used powdered chicken stock)

300g chicken, sliced (I used pork, marinated overnight with sesame oil, soy and white pepper)

1/4 tsp cornflour

1 tsp soy sauce

Salt, sesame oil, white pepper and sugar to taste

Chopped spring onions/shallots, julienned ginger and fried crispy shallots to garnish (all these condiments are fantastic with porridge, as well as fried garlic. I didn’t have any of this though this time)

To up the veggie content, I cut one carrot into chunks, and also had a 2cm piece of ginger that I had left over.


  • Place rice into TM bowl and mill for 5 seconds/speed 8-9. Set aside.
  • Because I wanted some veggies in my porridge, I popped the carrot chunks and ginger into the TMX bowl and chopped the veggies up for about 8 seconds/speed 6. Basically until it looks like this.
  • Add milled rice back in, along with the water and stock powder, and cook for 12 minutes/100 degrees/reverse/speed 1.
  • If you haven’t seasoned your meat, do so now. But I recommend leaving the meat to marinate for at least a couple of hours (overnight is best), it does wonders to the flavour of the porridge.
  • Add seasoned meat and cook for a further 12 minutes/100 degrees/reverse/speed soft.
  • If the porridge is too thin, let it stand for two minutes. I find that by the time you ladle the porridge into your bowls, it’s pretty much at the perfect consistency (although I know it doesn’t really look like it here)
  • Season with whatever you fancy – salt, pepper, Vegemite, sesame oil, go nuts. Done.
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