Macadamia, olive and sundried tomato dip

(Recipe taken from Tenina’s blog)

Ever since I got the Thermomix, I’ve been the designated dip chick in the group. which suits me just fine. Especially when it comes to quickies like this recipe! I don’t even have to bring out the bullet points for this one, that’s how little effort is needed.


1 clove garlic

50g macadamia nuts (look in the baking section of your supermarket, and you can get little packs if you want so you don’t have to keep too much in your pantry)

50g sundried tomatoes (I used semidried which worked too)

50g kalamata olives, pipped

20g extra virgin olive oil

20g balsamic vinegar.


Pop all the ingredients into the TMX bowl and blitz for 6 seconds/speed 6.  Doneski!!!



I also made the EDC garlic and herb dip (post to come soon) which actually goes really well together with this. I think you could probably substitute the macadamias with cashews if that’s cheaper/better/easier, but given most chunky dips are cashew-based this is a nice deviation from the norm.

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