Basic recipe from the EDC cookbook

Someone had mentioned to me once that they didn’t like cooking white rice in the Thermomix as the result wasn’t as good as using a rice cooker. I disagree, i have no issues with my rice every time I make it in the Thermomix, especially when I’m using the Varoma dish to steam another dish (woohoo less washing up!).

The recipe below is based on 400g of rice which should feed four regular people or three hungry people. I have reduced the quantity of rice to 300g in the past and used the same settings without any issues too.


– Add 400g of rice to your TMX basket.
– Rinse under running water, then insert into your TMX bowl.
– Cover rice with water.


– Cook for 16 mins/100 degrees/speed 4.
– Voila rice!


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3 thoughts on “Rice

  1. Lisa Sweet says:

    Just wondering if the froth is meant to bubble out over the top. I am not sure if I added too much water – it was about 1cm over the rice.

    • ChooTheFat says:

      Hmm I never had this problem. Do you feel that your rice was soggy when cooked or did you like the result? If your rice was fine, then I’d suggest placing a paper towel (or two) over the hole, then pop the MC on top. Let me know how you go the next time!

  2. Elke says:

    Fantastic, nice and fluffy rice, thank you!

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