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Vanilla custard

Recipe from this blogpost

After overestimating the amount of chocolate custard I was going to get, I had to whip up a quick filling so I wouldn’t waste my pastry casing. I knew from my Thermomix demonstration that custard was pretty simple to make, so I raided the pantry to see what flavour I could make. I found some Heilala vanilla bean paste so vanilla it was!


90g raw sugar
30g cornflour
3 eggs
700g milk
1 tsp vanilla bean paste


Put sugar and cornflour in TMX, mill on 10 secs/speed 9.
Add eggs, milk and vanilla bean paste, and heat for 7 mins/90 degrees/speed 4.


Cool custard down and use however you want! I poured it into my pastry casing and dusted some cocoa powder over the top.


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