I’ve always liked my salads to consist of more than just salad leaves. Cheese, fruit, quinoa, ANYTHING to make greens more interesting! I had one of the salads from Grill’d a while back and fell in love with the combination of dukkah in my salad. For my birthday a one of the companies I work with gave me a Thomas Dux hamper (!!!) and in it was the most beautiful dukkah, but since I’ve finished that I haven’t been able to find a good, cheaper version. I’m a bit of an idiot, it took me ages to realise that I could just whizz some up at home in the Thermomix!

The original recipe calls for hazelnuts, but since I had almonds in the pantry I used those instead. I don’t think that the Thermomix is particularly good at dry roasting herbs, so I recommend doing this step on the stove if you have the time. This recipe also yields a fair bit of dukkah, so if you don’t use it too often then I’d recommend halving the ingredient quantities.


150g sesame seeds
100g almonds
30g cumin seeds
50g coriander seeds
1tsp salt
1/2tsp black peppercorns
1tsp dried thyme


– Pop the seeds and nuts into your TMX bowl, and dry roast for 8 mins/100degrees/speed 1.
– Add in salt, pepper and thyme, and pulse 3-4 times on turbo. You’re done!



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2 thoughts on “Dukkah

  1. Thanks for this easy peasy reminder and recipe. I still haven’t made dukkah (duh!) but the aroma of yours is such a tease, I’ll be trying it soon 😉

    • ChooTheFat says:

      Let me know how yours goes! It’s lovely with my salads and also with the olive bread recipe from the In The Mix cookbook.

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