Berry Jam Swirl Muffins

One of my girlfriends got married a couple of months ago and gave away little jars of jam as wedding favours. Now what I’m going to share wasn’t intentional, but I was totally mortified when I realised what had happened! The wedding favours were placed on a flat wine rack and guests were asked to take one as they were leaving. There were flavours of all sorts: chilli jam, strawberry, marmalade and more. I figured my other half wasn’t going to bother, so I grabbed a raspberry and candied peach to take back with me, only to realise when I got home that my other half had done exactly the same thing! I’m so sorry Jess!


Anyway, the man had taken two strawberry jam jars (variety isn’t exactly his favourite word), and I thought I’d use one of them to make muffins today. I used my go-to muffin recipe, but once I popped the batter into the muffin pan I added a dollop of jam on top.


I wasn’t sure if I should swirl the jam in or leave it as it was, so I decided to do a half-and-half. I ended up liking the rustic look of the ones I swirled, but the plain dollops aren’t too bad either. These are best served warm with a lick of butter, so you can freeze them then pop them in the microwave when you want a quick snack. Or, serve them fresh out of the oven. They won’t last long.


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