Blueberry smoothie

Good ol’ Melbourne. I get excited to try a whole range of Thermomix smoothies after my first attempt, buy a stack of frozen fruit so I can mix and match, and then the weather goes back to just above freezing.

Been soldiering on with the smoothie recipes though and I have gotten to a base fruit/oat/dairy recipe that gives me my preferred consistency (creamy and not too icy, with a bit of texture from the oats). My base ingredients are now:

1 banana (frozen is good but if you don’t do this it’s not a massive issue. Medium banana would be my minimum size recommendation, I go between medium and large)
1 MC rolled oats
1 MC yoghurt
1 MC milk
5-6 cubes of ice
1 squeeze of honey
1 MC frozen fruit of choice (mixed berries, mango, etc)

Dump all of this into your TMX bowl and whizz for 30 secs/speed 9.

This is my blueberry version, packed up in my snazzy bottle for the train ride to work!


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One thought on “Blueberry smoothie

  1. […] since I went on my smoothie kick which started here and here I have been wanting to add some veggies into the ingredient list. Spinach seemed like the easiest […]

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