Mango, banana and spinach smoothie

Ever since I went on my smoothie kick which started here and here I have been wanting to add some veggies into the ingredient list. Spinach seemed like the easiest but I was a bit wary of what it would taste like! Finally I bit the bullet, but compensated by adding more honey and yoghurt than normal to mask the taste. Turns out, I shouldn’t have worried too much. Whilst this recipe involves lighter-coloured fruit and therefore a slightly menacing-looking end result, it tasted just like a regular mango/banana smoothie. Yay!

1 banana
1 MC rolled oats
1 MC frozen mango pieces
1 big handful of fresh baby spinach (start with a small handful if you’re a bit apprehensive!)
1 MC milk
1 small tub yoghurt (this time I used a 170g carton of Chobani natural yoghurt but you can stick to 1 MC of your preferred yoghurt which I am sure will work fine)
A generous squeeze of honey
5-6 ice cubes

Whizz for 50 seconds/speed 10

Next time I’ll pop berries in which should solve the issue of colour if anyone is a little bit icky :). Would love thoughts on what other veggies i can hide in there!


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