Shredded chicken

Just delving into little things the Thermomix can do to make life easier. I needed some shredded chicken for a sandwich but couldn’t buy a roast chook due to being pregnant. So instead I bought a large raw chicken breast, cut it into three pieces and popped the meat into the steamer basket.


Filled up the TMX bowl with about 1l of water, sat the basket in there and cooked the chicken for 25mins/100 degrees/speed 1. Check your chicken to make sure it is cooked through, if not cook it for another few minutes until done. You can also increase the timing if you have more chicken than I did, just guesstimate the time and go from there.

If you want to let the chicken cool down first, take it out of the steamer basket and put it in the remaining water so it stays moist. When you’re ready, empty out the water, and shred for 2-3 secs/speed 4. Voila!


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