Chilli bread rolls

With the in-laws and friends keeping Bubs busy in Perth, I’ve had some time to myself. Some might head to the spa, but cooking is my version of me time! Plus with so many guinea pigs people around, there’s the opportunity to try out different things in the kitchen. And joy, my mother-in-law has a Thermomix too!

I hadn’t made bread for a while, so I thought I’d get some rolls done. I used the rosemary bread recipe from Dani Valent’s In The Mix cookbook (easiest recipe ever!!!), but with the following variations:

– I made one batch with wholemeal flour, and one with plain white flour.
– I chopped up 2 fresh red chillies from the garden and threw that in instead of rosemary. I also added some dry chilli flakes for extra heat.


We’re hosting a champagne breakfast shortly, so I’ve got another two batches in the oven with garlic pepper, lemon and garlic flavoured olive oil, chilli and dried herbs. Do let me know if you’ve tried any other fun flavours!


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