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Baby food – pear puree

Sorry, I know these posts are pretty boring! Will get back to more non-baby recipes soon, I promise. In the meantime, I made some pear puree, using Packham pears, which bubba loves. Method is the same as the apple puree I made earlier.

Side note, can anyone suggest green baby purees that bub might like?


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Baby food – sweet potato puree

Baby puree does NOT a good photo make! But I thought i’d feature at least one fruit and one veggie post until I can start making more interesting mixes. I bought some orange and white sweet potato to whip up and freeze. The white sweet potato turned out a lot starchier than the orange, and bub doesn’t seem to care much for the former.

– Sweet potato (I wouldn’t put more than 2 decent-sized potatoes in the TMX)
– Cool boiled water, approx 50g per 250g of sweet potato

– Peel and cut potatoes into chunks. Pop in TMX bowl.
– Chop for 5 secs/speed 8.

– Add water into bowl, and scrape down the sides.
– Cook for 20 mins/100 degrees/speed 1.
– Scrape down the sides again, then blend for 5 secs/speed 7.
– Cool, then spoon into individual containers/ice cube trays and freeze until use.



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Baby food – apple puree

Whoa mama, bub is on solids! I started her on rice cereal the day before she turned 5 months, and then busted out the Thermomix to make my first serve of puree. I hope I will be able to maintain this habit of cooking fresh food for her, I don’t really see the point in spending way more for organic fruit and veg but I do want to keep her on home-cooked food as long as I can. I apologise in advance as there will probably be quite a few puree posts coming up, but I’ll try and find some time to do some other recipes too!


5 medium-large red apples (this makes approx. 13 x 2 tbsp serves. I used pink lady, but Fuji or Royal Gala should work too)


– Peel and core apples, cut into quarters. An apple corer and slicer helps massively here!
– Pop into TMX bowl.

– Chop for 10 secs/speed 5. Scrape down the sides.

– Cook for 8 mins/90 degrees/speed 4.
– Scrape down the sides again, and blend for 5-10 secs/speed 8 until desired consistency is achieved.


I’m going to go through the basic single-ingredient purees over the next few weeks to get her used to the different tastes and textures, but I would LOVE to hear about some yummy mixed-ingredient purees in the comments!

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