Brownie balls

I was very late to the protein ball party. I shouldn’t have been given my love for peanut butter, but better late than never right? I must also confess to having a MASSIVE girl crush on Zoe Foster Blake so when she mentioned something on her Instagram account about bliss balls and Thermomix I literally went out the next day to stock up on ingredients. However the recipe I found wasn’t the best and the emd result was quite dry. Also I used some Skippy peanut butter that had been languishing in my pantry ever since the husband last made a trip to Costco and got sucked in to their ‘extra crunchy’ sales pitch. 

They lied. 

Also, it has a strongly artificial taste of something which I can’t put my finger on but is definitely not good for you. 

When I decided to give these babies another shot, I discovered that I could literally whip up my own peanut butter too instead of using the stuff in the jar. A very exciting day in this kitchen, lemme tell ya. 


3/4 cup raw almonds or preferred nuts

1 tbs cacao or cocoa powder

12 pitted dates

2 tbs peanut butter

Shredded coconut, optional

2 tbsp maple syrup (the original recipe uses agave syrup and says honey or rice malt syrup are possible substitutes, and also that you might not need as much if using fresh medjool dates which are super sweet.)


Pop cocoa powder, dates and peanut butter into your Thermomix bowl and blend for 20 secs/speed 6.

Add the nuts in and press the turbo button a couple of times until the mixture is well combined and the nuts have been chopped coursely. 

Test the mixture, you should be able to roll a tablespoonful into a ball quite easily. If the mixture is too crumbly, add a touch of water. 

I rolled my balls in shredded coconut to finish them off but you don’t need to do this, I just love coconut and also think that it makes the end product look pretty 🙂 


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One thought on “Brownie balls

  1. Sounds delish! I must give them a try 🙂

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