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Practicing my Thermomix smoothies – Berry, banana and oatmeal

With bubs on the way, I’m looking for easy ways to add more veggies and fruit into my diet. I’ve been shovelling grapes down like there’s no tomorrow, and can’t wait for mango season to arrive. I do lack a little bit in the green veggie department though, so when a friend told me she’d made a yummy spinach and strawberry smoothie I thought “JACKPOT! BLEND ALL THAT STUFF INTO ONE GLASS!” (I’m really not sure why it didn’t cross my mind before. How sad.)

Anyway, the idea of throwing a massive handful of spinach into a brekkie drink was in equal parts tempting and off-putting. So I decided to perfect a base TMX smoothie with more palatable ingredients first, before moving on to the hardcore stuff. It’s just the right time as well given that we’ve had our first 24 degree day in FOREVER! This combination of ingredients is based off Boost’s brekkie to go, which was my go-to smoothie when I used to work with the company.

I’m going to put down exactly what I used here (and I used the TMX MC cup as a base measurer), but I want to also preface this by saying that it’s not the right mix yet. I’ll include my thoughts on what I’d change at the end. I would also love any suggestions anyone has!


1.5 MCs of frozen berries

1 ripe banana, broken into chunks

1/2 MC rolled oats (I like Coles Organic brand)

2 MCs milk

Honey to taste (I added about 3 squeezes)

1.5 handfuls of ice


Chuck everything into the TMX blender, and blend for 30 seconds/speed 9. Check the mix, and add milk/blend longer until desired consistency is achieved.



The taste was lovely and I downed my whole smoothie (not to mention a little pat on the back for such a healthy brekkie. Sure beats French toast and bacon!) but this is what I think I can improve on:

– Didn’t blend long enough, there will still a few chunks of ice in there

– Could do with more oats, maybe 3/4 MC’s worth (but I do like a bit of texture in my smoothie so this is up to you)

– I’m going to freeze my banana chunks next time, that with the frozen berries should mean I don’t actually need any ice in the mix.

– I might go half yoghurt and half milk to up the creaminess factor.

Actually looking really forward to my next attempt! Hopefully by the time December rolls around I’ll have graduated to veggie smoothies!

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