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Baby food – broccoli puree

Whaddaya know, bub ADORES broccoli! Which is fab, since it’s pretty cheap right now. I do give her one course of broccoli followed by something sweet and smooth (apple or pear) so that she has textures and flavours from opposite ends of the spectrum.

A head of broccoli, fat stem chopped off, cut into florets

– Pop florets into TMX bowl, and chop for 5 secs/speed 5
– Scrape sides down, and cook for 12 mins/100 degrees/speed 1.
– Check that broccoli is cooked through (i.e. soft but not collapsing). Cook a little bit longer if needed.
– Blend for 8 secs/speed 8.
– Done! Because the texture will still be a bit coarse, you may want to add a splash of cool boiled water when serving to bub. I did this to start off with, but don’t need to anymore.


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Broccoli, parmesan & anchovy pasta sauce

(Recipe taken from this blog post)

Broccoli tends to cop a lot of flak for being a ‘gross veggie’ (other members of the ‘gross veggie’ family: brussel sprouts, bittergourd). But I love it. Well, not on its own, but it goes well with so many things! Almonds, olive oil & balsamic vinegar, cheese sauce, oyster sauce, garlic and sesame oil, the list goes on. So when I found this recipe on my weekly hunt, I was quite excited to give it a go. And I’m glad to say it turned out great! I do think it works better as a side dish, alongside a juicy lamb backstrap, or some other protein. You could use it as an alternative mac & cheese base and up your veggie intake. Ahh, so versatile.


2 cloves of garlic

1 medium stalk of broccoli, cut into florets

1/2 MC olive oil

6 anchovy fillets

1/2 a cup of good-quality Parmesan cheese


  • Wash your broccoli, then place into the Thermomix rice basket. Fill the TMX bowl with water up to the 1L mark, pop your broccoli in, and steam for 15 mins/Varoma/speed 4.


  • Discard the water set the broccoli aside. Dry your TMX bowl out with a tea towel, then add in your garlic and chop for 3 secs/speed 7.
  • Add oil and anchovies, then cook for 4 mins/100 degrees/speed 2.
  • Add the broccoli and cheese, and whizz for 5 secs/speed 10.


Toss through your favorite pasta (I don’t play favorites but used macaroni this time) and serve with a whole lotta cracked pepper. Easy!

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