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Donna Hay’s chocolate cake, thermomix style

(Recipe adapted from this blogpost)

When I saw the EDC chocolate cake recipe, I nearly had a coronary. What do you mean, no chocolate in the chocolate cake?! Cocoa powder on its own doesn’t count!!! Luckily, the Torta Caprese recipe in the same cookbook was absolutely divine, and that became my fall-back chocolate cake recipe.

When I stumbled across the Donna Hay recipe though, I thought I’d give it a crack to see what the difference in density and taste was. Final verdict, it’s a great base chocolate cake that you can add frosting/berries/cream to, whilst the Torta is more something you’d have on its own. I did end up having to process the mixture for a little bit longer than what it says in the original recipe, so just have a look at your cake mix and make a judgement call as to whether it needs to be processed a bit longer.


120g almonds

375g dark chocolate, chopped (I used the Nestle dark buttons in the red packet)

125g butter, chopped

175g sugar (I used 150g)

35g plain flour

30g milk

5 eggs


  • Preheat your oven to 160 degrees celcius and line a cake tin with baking paper.
  • Pop the almonds in your Thermomix bowl and mill for 10 seconds/speed 10. Set aside.


  • Add your chocolate into the TMX bowl and chop for 10 seconds/speed 8. Add the butter and heat for 3 minutes/50 degrees, speed 3. When I checked the mixture, my chocolate hadn’t quite melted enough so I heated it for another 1 minute/60 degrees/speed 3.
  • Add the sugar, flour, almond meal and milk back into the melted chocolate, and mix for a further 10 seconds/speed 3.
  • With the blades still running, add the eggs one at a time, mixing it for an additional 5 seconds per egg.


  • Pour the mix into your cake tin and cover with foil. Pop in the oven for 60 minutes, then remove the foil to check whether the cake is cooked. When I checked mine, the middle was still wobbly so I baked it for another 20 minutes at the same temperature with the foil off. After that I inserted a knife into the middle and it was fine.
  • Place the cake on a rack to cool, and resist cutting off slices to munch on. At least for a little bit. Mine doesn’t look that pretty on the top, if I were serving it to guests I’d probably dust a little cocoa powder on the top. But man, it’s a good cake.


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