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Rocket, parmesan and almond dip

(Recipe based on the one in this post)

The Thermomix is truly a godsend when it comes to entertaining. I love throwing things in the TMX bowl, pressing Turbo a couple of times and voila, dip done.

I’ve tried to make a different dip each time we have friends over, so if any of you reading have any suggestions please send them through!

This dip definitely needs a bit of salt or lemon to counteract the bitterness of the rocket. Good learning for me next time!

60g rocket
200g almonds
2 garlic cloves (I put an extra one in but I love garlic, it might be too strong for some of you)
50g parmesan
80g olive oil
Salt and/or lemon juice to taste

Whack all the ingredients into your TMX bowl and press the Turbo button 3-4 times until you’ve got the consistency you want. Done!



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