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Tuscan almond pesto

Recipe from (this blogpost)

Another day, another condiment. I love serving this alongside a creamy dip to balance out the flavours. I also think that almonds are a great alternative to macadamias if you don’t want to spend as much money.


65g semi sundried tomatoes
4 cloves garlic
75g kalamata olives, pitted
60g whole almonds
2-3 sprigs rosemary, foliage only
A few dried chilli flakes, to taste
2 tsp sugar
15g balsamic vinegar
80g EVOO


Turbo it up 3-4 times and you’re done!



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Basil Pesto

(Recipe taken from Everyday Cooking for Every Family)

Basil’s in season at the moment, and when I saw a massive bunch at South Melbourne markets for $1.99 I couldn’t resist. This dip is very similar to the Wattle Valley chunky dips you can get at the supermarket, but oh-so-much-better because you MADE IT YOURSELF.


1 large clove garlic (because I was making this for a dinner party of 12 I thought I’d better not overdo it with the garlic and I actually managed to stick to the recommended amount. SHOCKING.)

40g fresh basil leaves (approx 1 big bunch)

Small handful fresh parsley (I don’t use parsley for anything else and didn’t want to waste a big bunch so I omitted this)

160g unsalted cashews (I had salted nuts at home and these were fine)

80g olive oil

2 tbsp white vinegar

4 tbsp Parmesan Chesse (grated first in the Thermomix)


  • I cut my block of parmesan into cubes and popped it into the bowl, then grated the cheese for about 10 seconds on speed 8.


  • Place everything into the bowl and set the dial to closed lid position.
  • Pulse with the turbo button a couple of times for 5-10 seconds each until the desired consistency is achieved (about 4 pulses)
  • Done-zo.

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