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Strawberry and lime sorbet

It’s been a scorcher here in Melbourne, and being heavily pregnant, ice cream has definitely been my friend recently! But when I headed to Dandenong Markets and saw 2 huge punnets of strawberries on sale for $3, I thought that a frozen treat would be perfect for dessert. And the Thermomix is an absolute dream when it comes to whipping up a quick sorbet.

I read somewhere that lime or lemon juice enhances the flavour of the fruit so I got some limes from the market too. The recipe below makes enough sorbet for 2 big serves, but if you’re making this for more people then you’re better off with the quantity of ingredients I used in my mango sorbet.


75g sugar
200g strawberries
Juice from half a lime
350g ice

– Blitz the sugar in your TMX bowl for 10 secs/speed 9.
– Add strawberries, lime juice and ice, turn dial up to speed 5,, then increasing slowly to speed 10.
– Blend for about 1 min. Check the consistency, and add some water or more ice if you need to thin or thicken the consistency.
– Voila, instant dessert that literally took less than 3 minutes to whip up!


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