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Soy or Soya Bean Milk

Recipe adapted from this post

I grew up in Malaysia drinking soy (or soya) bean milk. I always used to head to Jenny Hong’s stall at the Taman Tun wet markets in KL with Dad for my fix. She’s been there ever since I was a tater tot, and still is. She also sells tau foo fah, a silken tofu dish normally served as a dessert or snack in Asian countries.

Soy bean milk as I knew it was meant to be consumed on its own though, rather than adding it to coffees which is the norm in western countries. Being a full cream milk kinda chick, I’ve never tried the commercially-produced soy products so I couldn’t tell you what the similarities or differences between this milk and the Bonsoys of the world are. What I can tell you though, is that the awesome Thermomix makes a bloody authentic asian soy bean milk! And it’s so incredibly easy to make!

I bought some organic soy beans from the health food store. Some of the blogs I’ve been reading say that the soy beans you get at the Asian grocers yield more milk, but I’m not sure what kind of preservatives or additives go into those beans so I’m sticking with the organic option.



100g soy beans, soaked overnight (more information in the method section below)

60g Chinese rock sugar or raw sugar (I imagine this is for a super sweet drink. I used 45g of palm sugar which was a bit too much for me, but I do prefer it with little or no sugar. Might drop it back to 10-20g next time)

1000g water


Rinse your beans a couple of times under cold running water, and then soak them overnight. Some of the skins will float to the top, I just picked them out the next morning.


– Drain your beans, then pop into the TMX bowl with 500g of water.

– Cook for 6 mins/80 degrees/reverse/speed 1-2.

– Blend for 1 min/speed 8.

Add remaining water and sugar, and cook for 6 mins/90 degrees/speed 2.


– Cool, then strain the mixture through a muslin or cheesecloth. I couldn’t find any at my supermarket, so I bought a new pack of Chux wipes and used that instead which was fine. I twisted the sides slowly to get as much milk as I could out of the beans.

– Tastes pretty much exactly the same as what I buy when I’m back in KL! It’s actually a bit creamier in texture to what I’m used to, which wasn’t an issue. You can drink it warm or cold, I prefer it cold with a couple of ice cubes myself. So does the 37-week munchkin in my belly apparently, who started kicking like a ninja as I was drinking it!

Fun fact: the resulting residue is called okara, and apparently can be used to make a whole bunch of other things. I wasn’t that adventurous though, and in the end it didn’t matter because my very naughty cocker spaniel thought it was something worth investigating, and pulled it off the kitchen bench when I popped out to the shops!


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